Color Theory: Green Color Meaning


Just what does the color green mean / represent / signify? What mood does green represent? What feelings does it invoke when viewed? What about its significance in logos or when used in business?

The color green seems so ordinary, but in the world of design it is just the opposite.  As Kermit the Frog once said: “When green is all there is to be, it could make you wonder why, but, why wonder, why wonder? I am green and it’ll do fine, it’s beautiful and I think it’s what I want to be.”  Green is beautiful—the color of so many things—grass, leaves, flowers, the list is endless…but what makes green so design friendly? Why do some of the worlds largest organizations choose a green logo to represent their brand?

The Meaning of the Color Green

Green is associated with nature, the season of spring, and also growth—growth which any thriving company is working for.  Green exhibits health and renewal and the idea that every day is a new beginning—a fresh slate for new ideas.  And hey, if you want to be creative for a day or something is not working, you can always move towards greener pastures.

Wonder why Kermit the Frog wants to be green?  Green is unrestrictive and flexible, there is an abundance of shades of green—so many that the color green actually has the most shades out of all the colors.  There is lime green, emerald green, kelly green, lawn green, leafy green, chartreuse—the list is endless.  Green gives options and freedom—no wonder why Kermit, and so many others, are a fan of green.

At a young age, we learn that green is a combination of blue and yellow.  But what makes green so exquisite is that it actually takes the best qualities of both yellow and blue to create green.  Green gets its clarity and optimism from yellow and its insight and calmness from blue.  Green truly is the best from both worlds.

Color Green Characteristics

  • Growth
  • Friendly
  • Fresh
  • Renewed / Healed
  • Energized
  • Healthy / Balanced

The Color Green in Business and Logos

“As long as you’re green, you’re growing.  As soon you you’re ripe, you start to rot” -Ray Kroc (McDonald’s).  Ray Kroc, who purchased, popularized and helped found McDonald’s, and who had a net worth of $600 million makes a valid point here.  Fruit, plants, nature, dare I say business, want to grow towards being “ripe”—reaching one’s final goal or destination.  However, to maintain success, to accumulate a net worth of $600 million you don’t want to be “ripe”.  You want to be green—not fully matured—because then you and your business can constantly grow.  You are constantly reworking and strategizing your goals to keep moving forward—to keep being green.

Whether you are new to business or a veteran, like Kermit and Ray, you want to be green.

Famous Logos That Use Green


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