Pioneer Valley Brewery Branding

Pioneer Valley Brewery Logo on Coaster

We worked with Pioneer Valley Brewery to create a unique brand experience centered around the rich history of Western Massachusetts. Client: Pioneer Valley Brewery Objective: Create a unique and memorable logo to launch their new brewery. Create packaging that is consistent with the. Create graphics for signage, apparel, and merchandise. Packaging     Logo Signage

What Should You Expect to Pay For Website Design from a Freelancer? Cost Examples Updated for 2020

Website Design Freelancer Cost

Asking the question “how much does website design cost” is much like asking “how much does a house cost”. There are various factors that will determine the cost of a website including the number of features or custom functionality desired. We’ll discuss the costs related to hiring a freelance designer to build a website. How […]

Color Theory: Green Color Meaning


Just what does the color green mean / represent / signify? What mood does green represent? What feelings does it invoke when viewed? What about its significance in logos or when used in business? The color green seems so ordinary, but in the world of design it is just the opposite.  As Kermit the Frog […]