Label Design for Sour Beer Series


For another exciting beer related project, we developed a concept for Powder Hollow Brewery’s delicious new line of sours. The off-white and black labels showcase a bold turn-of-the-century industrial theme, drawing inspiration from the gunpowder industry that once thrived in Hazardville, CT.  Four labels were initially created for the series; Cherry Sour, Peach Gose, Raspberry Sour, and Pomegranate Sour. Each label features a vintage-style colorful fruit illustration unique to the flavor.

Powder Hollow Brewery Cherry Sour
Cherry Sour
Peach Gose by Powder Hollow Brewery
Peach Gose
Raspberry Sour by Powder Hollow Brewery
Raspberry Sour
Pomegranate Sour by Powder Hollow Brewery
Pomegranate Sour

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