Vinyl Wall Wraps for Rough Surfaces – Application Spotlight


Brick, cement, stucco, cinder blocks, rock walls, and a variety of other rough surfaces were once off-limits for printed graphics. Not anymore, thanks to new highly conformable cast vinyl on the market. These products are designed to conform to “hard-to-stick” and textured masonry surfaces.

Indoor block wall wrap at the Orlando Magic facility

About the Media

Cast vinyl is made to conform. It can be produced in very thin sheets such as 2 mil thickness, which is popular for these rough surface wrap products.  It comes in matte or gloss finishes.  Print media made for rough surfaces should have a high tack and permanent adhesive.

Different Types of Rough Wall Wraps

Indoor – Rough surface wrap vinyl for indoor surfaces in commonly applied to painted brick, cement or block walls.

Outdoor – Lamination is recommended to extend the lifespan of the graphic. 6 months to 1 year application time can be expected when coupled with a high-performance overlaminate.

Indoor high-gloss block wall wrap

Why wrap a rough surface?

These wraps can mimic painted graphics and be a very effective form of advertising. They have a big visual impact, making them suitable for a variety of applications, both commercial and non-commercial such as art or home decor.

Graphics for rough surfaces are also very versatile since they can be applied to a variety of textures. Walls that were once impossible to cover can now feature a graphic – making them look amazingly refined. Add a logo to any rough wall in a business setting for and see the results for yourself.


Installation is relatively easy, but best left to a professional for larger graphics or full wall mural applications. Tools required include a heat gun, roller, and an xacto knife.



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