Top Questions to Have Answered Before Seeking Logo Design Services

The following comes from 12+ years of experience as a logo designer. Being prepared can save you and the designer time, money, and frustration.

Here are questions to have answered before seeking professional logo design services:

How would you like your business, product or service to be perceived by others? Write a list of 5-10 adjectives to support your answer.Examples: playful or serious, new / sleek or rustic & weathered.

Style – Building on the previous question, it’s important to determine the style /  “look & feel” of the logo you envision. Gather several logos that you like and explain why you are drawn to them.

Who is your ideal audience and demographic? – “Everyone” is not a good answer. Google actually provides a variety of tools that give you the demographics of those searching for specific keywords.

What color preferences do you have for this project? Why? This is important. A good designer will recommend colors that are scientifically proven to work with and benefit your new brand / identity.

Describe your end-goal – what do you expect to get out of this (design service)? A good logo is important but so is getting your business off the ground. Having realistic expectations is an important part of this process. Have faith in the designer you chose and know that logos can evolve and change in time.

Know your budget – Having a budget in mind helps but if you are not sure where to start, here are several logo design packages.

What makes a good logo?

  • Attractive – We are drawn to attractive things so it’s only fitting that a good logo should be nice to look at.
  • Effective & Purposeful – A good logo should convey a message with intent and should resignate with the appropriate audience
  • Recognizable & Memorable – Is it unique and original? It should be easy to identify with a quick glance and should be memorable.
  • Timeless – A good logo should not follow current trends or fads just because everyone else is doing it.
  • Versatile – Does it scale well at different sizes? Does it look good across a variety of digital and print applications?

About Matt Hatfield

Matt Hatfield is a CT designer with a passion for helping others turn their ideas into a reality. He’s also an online marketing consultant and website designer and has extensive experience working with small businesses across the Northeast including CT, MA, RI, NY, NH, VT, and NJ. Matt is originally from Arizona – a state he misses dearly in the winter months.

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