Top Questions to Have Answered Before Seeking Logo Design Services

The following comes from 12+ years of experience as a logo designer. Being prepared can save you and the designer time, money, and frustration. Here are questions to have answered before seeking professional logo design services: How would you like your business, product or service to be perceived by others? Write a list of 5-10 […]

Art of SEO – Free Workshop #1: Keyword Research


Art of SEO is a series of quick, non-technical tasks anyone can do to climb the ranks in search and get more business. Keywords are key Its important to make sure your website contains right combo of words that people type into search engines such as Google and Bing when looking for websites like yours. Using […]

In-Depth Social Media Statistics & Demographics for 2017-18 Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, and Snapchat

Are you targeting the right audience with your social media efforts? This is must-see data for any small business owner or marketing professional. Facebook • 1.75 billion users • 65% female / 35% male • 48% of users aged 18-34, 31% aged 35-54 • Social network leader with largest audience, large focus on interaction with […]

Partial Vehicle Wrap Benefits and Examples

Partial vehicle wraps can provide huge cost savings when compared to full wraps. They are easier to design and install and can be extremely effective if executed properly. Full Wraps vs Partial Wraps There’s no denying that full wraps can have a big visual impact. After all, a vehicle wrap is a moving billboard with […]