Questions to Have Answered When Seeking Website Design Services

Use this questionnaire to help your next website design project go smoothly.

How many pages will your new website have? Please provide a basic outline:


Will you provide all of the written content?


Do you currently have a logo and branding guidelines to follow? (colors & fonts)


What are several websites that you like and why? Or describe the style/look/feel that you prefer:


What would you like you website to accomplish? (For example: Offer information, bring new customers, and rank high in search engines)


Do you have hosting or will you need help setting up a website hosting plan?


Are you going to manage the website yourself or will someone else?


What are the main keywords you would like your website to rank for in Google and other search engines?


Describe how your business is unique in one sentence (For example: We are Connecticut’s only wooden shoe maker)


What is your maximum budget?


What is your timeline for the project to be completed?

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