Political & Campaign Brochure and Sign Design – Tips & Examples

Political-&-Campaign-Brochure-and-Sign-Design Tips-&-Examples

When it comes to campaigning, print is still very relevant. Signs and brochures can help increase exposure, leading to better results when voting time arrives. In fact, a large number of voters first learn about a candidate from signage around town.

Different Types of Election Campaigns

  • Political Campaign
  • Education Campaign
  • Judicial Campaign
  • Law Enforcement Campaign

Different Types of Political Print Material

Print marketing for campaigns can range from small scale print such as brochures, tri-folds, stickers, door hangers to large scale signage including yard signs, banners, and decals.

Effective Design Tips for Political Print Material

Memorable, provoking, and effective design is crucial for political signage and collateral. Typically, the name or logo should be the focal point free from clutter or other distracting objects. It should be easy to read and have good contrast from the background color. Read on for more design tips.

Keep it simple – Avoid cluttering the piece with too much information. In most cases, less is more. Long paragraphs are better suited for websites. If there’s a lot of information that needs to be included try to break it up in sections or simply provide a link to a website were the reader can learn more.

Do your research – Knowing state and local regulations can save time and money in the design process. Many states have laws regarding political signage. The regulations can range from size and placement to the message on the sign. Another example includes requiring an attribution line – usually in the form of identifying the person or organization that paid for the marketing.

Stand out from the crowd – An experienced and talented graphic designer is trained in this department, it’s what they do for a living. Seeking out a professional for design will almost certainly make a different in the effectiveness of a campaign. Here are a few thing to look for

  • Bold, clean design with high contrast (especially for signage)
  • Unique and creative design – does it stand out from the other signs when clustered together?)

Examples of Campaign Design / Identity

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