Out with the Old, In with the New Ways of Branding with Your Logo

For you to structure a fully-fledged marketing campaign you must have the ultimate branding logo. A logo is essential for any company whether it’s big or small. But here’s an important fact: marketing is an ever-changing industry. For you to stay ahead of your competitors you must steer away from old ways of using your branding and follow the trends so your company can remain relevant.

Today we’ll be discussing old and new ways of branding with your logo. You’ll find tips on new methods you can use for your marketing campaigns. 

Traditional Branding Techniques 

Some companies still use traditional methods of branding with their logo. While these methods may still work to some degree, they may not be effective a few years from now. Let’s go through some of them and talk about how new branding methods will take over. 

Business Cards

Most businesses use branded business cards to hand out at meetings with potential customers. Business cards show the logo, name and contact information. These cards are the easiest way customers and partners can find your details when they want to contact your company. 

Most marketers will state that business cards are a necessity even in the tech world. But how will technology change the way you create and use business cards? According to experts, business cards will be a combination of traditional print and interactive technology such as: 

  • Holographic logos 
  • Interactive paper and GPS technology
  • Holographic push notifications 
  • Touch screen technology 

You’ve Got Mail

Using personalized emails to reach your target audience is becoming obsolete. Most people don’t read through their emails anymore because it’s either spam or bills. That’s why most campaigns are using membership subscriptions to get people to open their emails to enter a competition or grab a coupon. 

This is an effective way to use your branding because you’re able to make your monthly newsletters to subscribers exciting and it creates loyal customers. Place your logo on all newsletters so people can see that they’re opening an email that is legitimate and trustworthy. 

Ads in Magazines and Newspapers 

Magazines and newspapers have all become digital. You can still get printed magazines and newspapers but companies rarely use these medias for small adverts. Instead, online magazines and newspapers may use a tab with a company logo on it to redirect an audience to its website.  

Handing Out Flyers

Flyers are still considered a way to showcase your branding and company information but it’s extremely expensive. It’s not suitable for startup companies because it costs a lot of money to print flyers and it takes time to hand them out. 

Digital flyers are more effective because they can be sent to many people with a click of a button. You can use digital flyers to redirect people to websites and social media platforms fast. 

New Ways of Branding with Your Logo

There are many new methods of marketing that will keep a company ahead of its competitors. Here are a few new ways you can start branding with your logo. 

Redesigning your Logo 

If you’ve been in the industry for many years your logo may start to look outdated. Vintage pantones, lines and fonts may start to look shabby. Consider rebranding your logo. You can do this by enhancing your old logo’s best qualities. For example simple fish logos can be refreshed with fonts and brighter colors for fishing company while a vintage brand image can be renewed with a modern design. 

Perhaps if you take a look at previous drafts of your logo it may help you create a new concept without losing some of the recognizable elements of your symbol. A simple font change, color enhancement or restructured negative space can make a difference. 

Utilize AI with a Branding Mascot

Many companies are using chat bots to communicate with website visitors. Consider the idea of a company mascot to keep your branding consistent. You don’t have to use the mascot on all of your branding items. Simply use your mascot when website visitors want quick responses to their questions.

Online Communities are Essential

Almost every company that you come into contact with will have at least one social media account they use for marketing. Online communities are essential for doing market research, creating brand awareness and effective communication. 

Use your logo to brand all your social media accounts so people know these online platforms are safe to use for communication. Online communities allow you to use the following forms of branded marketing: 

  • Native ads 
  • Links to web pages and other social media accounts
  • Video advertising 
  • Advertising for company events 

Final Thoughts

Another trending way of marketing with your logo is using social media influencers. These influencers will showcase your branding and talk about your company on their platforms. This way you’re able to reach more people that may not be aware of your company.

Your logo is your company’s identity. Use your logo in any trending marketing methods to remain a top competitor in your industry.   

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