Graphic design that’s data-driven, meaningful, and ultimately successful. Our main goal is to unearth ideas that effectively feed and drive your brand. Whether it’s getting more customers, higher sales, or simply building a better brand – the end goal is your satisfaction.

What we offer:

Visual Identity

Branding | Packaging | Style Guides | Business Cards | Letterhead

Content Marketing

Brochures, Flyers, Sell Sheets | Infographics | Advertisements | Posters | Banner | Billboards | Social Media Graphics | Email Marketing | Visual Search Ads | Digital Banners Ads | Menus | Political Advertisements


Wall Murals | Vehicle Wraps | Boat Graphics | Window Graphics | Floor Graphics | Signs | Banners | Retail Interiors | Restaurant Interiors | Exhibits | Office & Conference Spaces


Layout for Magazines | Booklets | Books | Newsletters | Catalogs | Directories | Annual Reports


Children’s Books | Book Covers | Album Art | Patterns | Icons | Infographics | Medical & Technical Illustration | Office & Home Decor | T-Shirt Art | Concept Boards

Motion / Digital

Web Page Layout | Video Graphics | Presentations | Video Banners | Animated GIFs

Visual Identity / Branding

Visual identity is the personality behind the brand. It starts with a logo but certainly does not stop there. The visual identity of a business or organization should communicate the essence of the brand. It’s what makes it unique and memorable. Graphic design is not used to create brands but rather pull everything that makes the business or organization unique and display it in the best possible way.

Social Media Marketing

Businesses rely on social media marketing to get the attention of their target audience and ultimately get sales. Design is an important element of successful marketing because it connects them to a product or service. Visual content is proven to the most engaging type of content so design for marketing is and always will be a critical aspect of successful businesses.

Environmental Design

Environmental graphic design is used to transform and improve spaces – from both a visual and functional standpoint. Successfully designed environments improve the overall experience by making it visually pleasing, memorable, and/or easier to navigate. Environmental graphic design can utilize walls, windows, floors, signs, displays, exhibits, and decor & art.Retail stores, restaurants, offices, conference spaces, public spaces, and even residential spaces can all benefit for this type of design.

Publication Design

Books, magazines, newsletters, catalogs, and brochures all require the professional layout skills of a graphic designer. Layouts are carefully assembled with a combination of typography, photography, graphics and in some cases illustrations.


Illustration is an important aspect of graphic design from a commercial standpoint. Illustrations are used to create children’s books, book covers, album art, patterns, Icons, Infographics, medical & technical illustration, office & home decor, t-shirt art, concept boards, and more available from our CT Graphic Design Studio.

What our customers say

Hatfield Digital created a phenomenal website design for my company. It was everything we wanted and more. He was on point with pricing, punctuality, and ability to take edits and criticism. Wonderful to work with.

– Mike, Caveman Cryotherapy

wonderful to work with and was able to create exactly what I had in mind for our image! He was hard working, on time, and overall was a pleasure to work with him! Would work with him again on upcoming projects!!

– Michelle, R Dee Winery

Matt is awesome. Reliable, creative, and punctual. Matt has been a valuable part of our process of growing as a business. Did an amazing job that is hard to come bye these days.

– Nate, Mad Monkey Fitness